Pylo-Cleanse - Supplement

The New Way To Deal With H.Pylori, The Main Cause Of Ulcers & Gastritis.

Coprostrip Testing Kit

We have a test and treat system to detect whether you are infected with H-pyroli. Test yourself with our highly sensitive self testing COPROSTRIP kit which has a 99.99%

Pylopass Advantages

Advantages Over Probiotics

Unlike probiotics pylopass is easy to ship and store as it is not sensitive to heat or cold.

Probiotics cannot eliminate H.pylori from the stomach. Pylopasss can do so without altering or disturbing the microbial balance in the stomach.

Unlike probiotics, pylopass can survive even strong acidic enviroments in the stomach and with that it can continue binding H.pylori even under “bad” conditions.

Advantages Over Antibiotics

Antibiotic therapies often have severe side effects (e.g. destruction or alteration of the microbial balance in the stomach or diarrhoea) Pylopass has no side effects.

Antibiotic treatments can cause antibiotic resistance. Pylopass is a new way to deal with H.pylori without the risk of causing antibiotic resistance.

Antibiotic treatments often have very little success in eradicating H.pylori. Several studies have proven the effectiveness of pylopass.


My 10 yr old daughter has had problems with h.pylori for about 2 years.After many challenges with stomach pains and acidity,she was tested and found positive for h.pylori. During this time there were many things the poor child could not eat even as others are enjoying them.Chips,carbonated drinks were out.She was was given a kit by the Doctor that she was put on for 7 days. There were no changes.Instead she developed running stomach.The Doctor changed the kit but the results were no different. 3 months ago a friend told me about Pylo-Cleanse.I decided to try it. My daughter loved it because she saw not drinking or swallowing anything. Nobody was reminding her to chew it. She kept her schedule by herself and she loved the vanilla taste. Within 2 weeks the changes we noticed on her eating habits were amazing. What first shocked us was when she took a bottle of Coke on a Saturday afternoon. We were ready to run to the chemist but she kept playing without any problem until evening.Dinner was served and she ate very well. Since then my daughter is back to her old self. She calls Pylo-Cleanse "my sweets". Thanks Basiks Services for helping my daughter
Fatuma From Mombasa
Pylo Cleanse Helped My Daughter
I am 58 years old lady who has had challenges with h.pylori for years.I was always bloated,constant heartburn and alot of gas.I have been to many hospitals, taken many medications but the tests always comes back negative for h.pylori.I could not eat Sukuma wiki and beans.My husband was told about Pylo-Cleanse by his cousin who also recommended that I use their Testing kit because of its effectiveness since some kits in the market do give false positive or false negative for h.pylori. I took the self testing kit from Basiks Services and it confirmed that I was indeed positive. I immediately bought Pylo-Cleanse.What I was happy to begin with was the convenience of use. I don't need water.Just chew it. Within a week,what I noticed first was the reduction in gas and bloating.My heartburn slowly disappeared. Iam on my second box of Pylo-Cleanse and I eat everything that I had stopped.My Githeri and Sukuma wiki that I love so much are back in my kitchen. This product has changed my life.
Janet From Nairobi
This Product Has Changed My Life

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